The following are statements that may indicate a risk of burnout. This isn’t a diagnosis; it’s a tool to assess your work-related stress. Read the statements carefully and indicate how each of them resonates with you.

1 Never 2 Rarely 3 Sometimes 4 Most of the time 5 All the time
1. I feel overwhelmed.
2. I feel under pressure.
3. I’m emotionally exhausted.
4. Even small things can irritate me right now.
5. I have a hard time maintaining boundaries.
6. I seem to be forgetting, losing or missing things.
7. I neglect my self-care.
8. I feel alone at work.
9. I am misunderstood at work.
10. I feel unsupported at work.
11. Work consumes most of my thoughts.
12. I feel empty about the work I do.
13. I feel unenthusiastic about work.
14. My workload is unreasonable.
15. I’m unhappy with my job.
16. I’m tired.
17. My work is underappreciated.
18. I lack job security.
Total Scores:
50+ You report serious signs consistent with burnout.
36-49 You report significant signs consistent with burnout.
21-35 You report signs consistent with burnout and should begin to take steps to reduce your risk.
18-20 You report little to no signs of burnout.