Stress Test

Often when you're busy at work it can be easy to lose perspective of your life and you may find it hard to notice that you're stressed. Take our quick two minute test to find out whether you're likely to be stressed out or chilled out.


1.Are you managing your time at work to make sure you have regular breaks?
2. Do you take control of stressful situations wherever possible?
3. Are you eating a good diet rich in fruit and vegetables and taking regular exercise?
4. Do you keep on top of your caffeine and alcohol intakes?
5. Do you make time for friends and family?
6. Do you deal with your worries (often people put their worries off)?
7. Do you plan ahead to make sure you feel in control of things?
8. Do you sleep enough to avoid fatigue?
9. Do you take time away from work to relax?
10. Do you ask for help from others when you need it?