Eating Disorder Test

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How much more or less do you feel you worry about your weight and body shape than other people your age?
How afraid are you of gaining 3 pounds?
When was the last time you went on a diet?
Compared to other things in your life, how important is your weight to you?
Do you ever feel fat?
Eat much more rapidly than normal?
Eat until feeling uncomfortably full?
Eat large amounts of food when not feeling physically hungry?
Eat alone because of feeling embarrassed by how much you are eating?
Feel disgusted, depressed, or very guilty afterward?
How distressed or upset have you felt about these episodes?
Do you consume a small amount of food (i.e., less than 1200 calories/day) on a regular basis to influence your shape or weight?
Do you struggle with a lack of interest in eating or food?
Do you avoid certain or many foods because of such features as texture, consistency, temperature, or smell, or have other people
Do you avoid certain or many foods because of fear of experiencing negative consequences like choking or vomiting, or have other people suggested this may be the case for you?
Have you experienced significant weight loss* but are not overly concerned with the size or shape of your body?
Are you currently in treatment for an eating disorder?