Workplace Mobile Phone Policy

A Workplace Mobile Phone Policy cuts down on distraction and frustration at work by making it clear when it’s appropriate to use a mobile phone during work hours

Return to Work Policy (Managing Injury)

A Return to Work Policy (Managing Injury) is used to communicate your commitment to any employees who may get injured at work, and assist them to return to work in a safe manner. This Policy also creates a clear process for injury notification, management and the...

Personal/Carer’s Leave Policy

You can use this Personal/Carer’s Leave Policy to clarify when employees are eligible to take this leave. This Policy also outlines how the entitlement to leave is calculated, the process that needs to be followed if an employee needs to use this leave, and the...

Harrassment and Bullying Policy

You can use this Harassment and Bullying Policy to promote a safer and more respectful working environment. This Policy defines behaviour that constitutes harassment or bullying, along with providing a process for employees to flag any related complaints or...

Website Disclaimer (General)

A website disclaimer provides notice to the visitor of the website and is used to limit liability of the legal issues that may arise when a user visits the website.