Smart Bands


Smart Bands allow employees to actively monitor & manage their health, fitness & overall wellness




  1. First fully power up Smart band.
  2. Download “LEFUN HEALTH” in Apple Store/Android Market.
  3. Following successful connection Sync time & date with your phone.
  4. Short press to change functions on the Smart Band and long press to turn off.
  5. Functions:
  • Home page: Display time, date & power.
  • Smart alarm: Set clock in App to cause Smart Band to vibrate.
  • Pedometer: Count daily steps & history in app.
  • Calories: Count daily consumption in calories & history in app.
  • Mileage: Count daily mileage travelled & history in app.
  • Heart Rate monitor: Switch on interface of HRM & save in app.
  • Blood Pressure monitor: Switch on interface of BPM & save in app.
  • Sleep monitor: Open the function of sleep detection & save in app.
  • Sedentary reminder: In band turn on sedentary reminder and set time to vibrate.
  • Drinking reminder: In band turn on drinking reminder & set time to vibrate.
  • Other functions include: anti-lost, message notification, incoming call reminder, shake for selfie & search device.
  • Hardware requirement: Android 4.2 or IOS 8.0 or above.