Here are some ways you can start to manage your work-life balance.

  • Communication:
  • Don’t bottle up your feelings if you are worrying that you are not spending enough time with your family. Talk to your partner, co-parent, colleagues and mates. Together you may come up with solutions, and you will realise that you probably aren’t alone with your concerns about getting the right balance.
  • Prioritise:
  • Think about what is truly important to you. Knowing exactly how you want to prioritise your time will help to make sure you’re putting things in place to find the balance you want.
  • Track Time:
  • Have you ever recorded a time-diary, and figured out exactly how you spend each 15-60 minute block of time? Keep a diary for a few days and then review how you use your time objectively. If it was anyone else, how would you suggest they change things?
  • Consider Changes at Work:
  • Can you work from home? Could you get some extended paternity leave? Is there flexibility in the hours you could be working? This isn’t always an option, but you can look into your company’s policies to see what alternatives exist.
  • Focus on Your Health:
  • Exercise regularly, enjoy the time you have with your kids by being present (quality over quantity), leave work on time, and plan for some time off. Prioritising your health – physical, mental and emotional – will help to balance out life’s stress one step at a time.

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