The workplace is one of the most important places to discuss mental health yet generally employees are afraid of discussing such issues concerned about their job security, promotional prospects and relationships with co-workers.

While employers have the opportunity to change the stigma regarding mental health at the workplace they rarely do.

Those employers who do invest in mental health care for their workers, including the provision of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), often see an immediate increase in productivity and employee retention.

Inconsistencies or an absence of positive rhetoric in the workplace can make it harder to fight the stigma of mental illness.

Employers should create a workplace culture of acceptance and encourage staff to discuss mental health issues whenever they feel like it. The goal is to help people see mental illness as a normal human condition.
Many talented employees have a mental illness and are more likely to stay with a company that addresses their mental health needs and creates an environment where they can openly discuss mental illness and therapy.

By creating a work environment where people can openly discuss their mental health issues and treatment this also reduces their stress both at work and in other environments. Furthermore, it also reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness, and subsequently illnesses such as depression.

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