When challenges arise it’s easy to fall prey to negative thinking — but it’s in those moments where we need optimism the most. Below are five tips that will help you maintain perspective when things get tough.

Incorporate pauses into your day
One way to stay positive is by taking multiple pauses during the day to take a couple of mindful breaths and focus on what you are grateful for.

Share something that brought you joy
Regularly send a text to your family or friends sharing something positive that happened to you during the day. Positivity is contagious, because they will reply back with something positive that happened to them.

List the good things
Try to see the good in everything. For example, many people see working at home as a negative. Alternatively, you can see it as the opportunity to spend more time with your family or to use your commute time to do something special for yourself.

Write a “reverse bucket list”
Instead of focusing on a future bucket list of ‘One day I hope to do A’ or ‘I’ll probably never get to Y, even though I would like to…’, write down things you’ve already done — places you’ve already been, sites you’ve seen, adventures you’ve taken, and so on.

Express gratitude for the small things 
Try to stay positive by expressing gratitude for even the smallest, most obvious things: watching a bird fly by as you look out the window, waking up and staying a few extra minutes cuddling your partner or having a job. Focus on all that ‘you do’ have.