Smiling releases happy and healthy hormones. We win in so many ways when we smile.

It is one of the most basic biological functions for humans. We are born smiling and even in the womb we smile. Even blind babies smile at the sound of the human voice.

Serotonin, one of the ‘happy supportive’ hormones is known as our calming and feel good hormone and is released whenever we smile.

Summary of some smiling research:

  • A University of California, Berkeley, 30-year study of examining student Yearbooks found that students who smiled in their Yearbook photo lived approximately 10 years longer than those who didn’t.
  • A Wayne State University study of major baseball league players found that the extent to which they smiled in their photo predicted their life span. Beaming smile: 79.9 years – Slight smile: 75 years – No smile: 72.9 years
  • 14% of people smile less than 5 times a day
  • The average adult smiles 14-20 times a day
  • Children smile 400+ times a day
  • British researchers found a smile is as stimulating as 2,000 bars of chocolate or receiving $25,000 in cash

Another survey by a Las Vegas company, Smile School, found that smiling had a distinct positive effect on a company’s bottom line. Results of a company hiring 20 new staff and sending 10 to Smile School and 10 to start on the job without the ‘smile school training’ reported the following results after 30 days on the job…

  • 27% Increase in waiters tips
  • 17% Increase in tele-sales persons sales
  • 10% Increase in shop assistants’ sales
  • 5% Increase in ‘Blackjack Dealers’ tips

When we smile we look more competent, are healthier and happier.

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