Depression can come in many forms. Often the person suffering from depression feels alone and isolated and may not realize their symptoms are serious. That’s why education about depression in the workplace is so important. Becoming aware of the signs like those below can help you identify when an employee or fellow co-worker may need your support. Signs to look for include:


1. Deep feelings of sadness. Has their overall mood changed? Are they withdrawn from the team or isolating themselves?

2. Lack of interest. Is it hard for them to maintain their old performance levels? Do they not have the same degree of excitement about their work as they once did?

3. Changes in movement and speech. Are they talking slower or faster than normal? Do they seem either lethargic or fidgety lately?

4. Run down. Have they had an increase in sick days? At work, do they feel tired, “foggy” or like they have no energy?

5. Trouble concentrating or remembering. Have they been more forgetful than usual or had trouble remembering details? Do they forget what they’re doing?


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