There are many things which can get in the way of prioritising ourselves and our own wellbeing on a daily basis. Whether it be dependent family members, a demanding job, or both, at the end of the working day it may seem that there is little time or energy for looking after ourselves. Eventually however the costs of not prioritising our own wellbeing can be significant.

Here are some tips for creating and maintaining a self-care routine:

1.  Recognise that not prioritising self-care is a common reaction during times of stress or in emotionally demanding jobs and learn from your peers about different ways of building resilience.

2.  Look for the good in people and situations.

3.  Allow time for healthy distractions away from work e.g. a “feel good” movie, listening to comedy, hobbies, sports, and social outings.

4.  Keep your body healthy through a good diet and exercise.

5.  Remember your personal values and qualities that motivated you to choose this job.

6.  Make note of the positive impact you have through your work.

7.  Focus on what you can control and on small achievements rather than things you cannot change.

8.  Ask for help and support as soon as you notice yourself struggling.

9.  Schedule regular opportunities to formally debrief, e.g. professional supervision.

10. Look for ways to manage or minimise stress in other parts of your life.

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