Work has an important role in fostering positive mental health. Promoting mental health and wellbeing should add value and uplift the overall workplace, and research has shown that promoting wellbeing is positively correlated to work performance.

Many workplaces now understand their obligations and the benefits that come from having effective strategies and practices to manage ill workers compassionately, prevent physical and psychological harm, and actively promote and support the mental health of workers in their workplace.


Positive mental health and wellbeing defined by the World Health Organisation is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. It is a state of wellbeing in which everyone can: realise their own abilities; cope with the normal stresses of life; work productively and fruitfully & contribute to work, family and community.

Thriving workplaces are mentally healthy workplaces. They are environments where people can do their best and be their best. Thriving workplaces promote the positive mental health and wellbeing of all people who participate in that workplace including; workers, leaders, contractors and consultants. A thriving workplace is achieved through alignment of activities across five domains:


  • Managers set a good example for a healthy, happy and productive workplace
  • Inspirational leaders map out positive visions for the organisation including each worker’s place within the organisation
  • Praise and recognition for good performance and achievement exist


  • Work feels like a community, with people supporting each other beyond work tasks
  • Workers are involved in the planning of work and how it is carried out
  • There is sensitivity to the needs of those who have children or other dependents


  • Workplace programs exist to improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Return to work policies and practices exist for those who have taken time off for mental health reasons
  • Effective policies and practices against workplace bullying or harassment exist


  • Training is provided for all leaders in how to support workers with mental health issues
  • Mental health awareness training is provided to all workers.


  • People are effectively supported through change
  • The culture encourages open discussion about issues that affect mental health and wellbeing
  • Support is available to help people optimise their work-life balance

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