Online therapy has become the new norm for those seeking therapy on their own terms. Recent studies have found online therapy to be as effective as face-to-face therapy in treating major mental health challenges, like anxiety disorders and depressive symptoms.

Although online therapy’s origins date back to the 1980’s, advancements in technology and telehealth in recent years have made online therapy accessible to millions around the world.

When evaluating online therapy options there are many avenues to take depending on your mental health challenges. The first avenue should always be to seek professional help, such as speaking with your EAP Assist counsellor — self-diagnosis can be a dangerous game.

An EAP Assist counsellor will only suggest evidence-based methods and practices to help work through your unique mental health challenges. The role of the counsellor is about addressing the fluid nature of life’s challenges and to provide the resources and strategies that will carry you through each time issues may arise.

Essentially, your EAP Assist counsellor fsscilitates a comfortable, non-judgemental environment in which you can learn the skills necessary to address your problems on your own. Digital Programs available through EAP Assist include:

Anxiety & Other Mental Health Issues
Depression & Other Mental Health Issues
Stress Management Program
Posttraumatic Stress Program
Obsessive & Compulsive Program
Insomnia Program
Eating Disorder & Body Image Program
Young Person’s Anxiety Program
Suicide Awareness & Prevention Program
Grief & Bereavement Program
Drug & Alcohol Program
Gambling Program
Anger Management & Relationships Program
Domestic Violence Program
Dietary& Exercise Program
Quit Smoking Program
Pain Management Program
Debt Management Program
Parenting Program
LGBTI Program
Mindfulness Meditation Program
Small Business Owners Program
Work Well Employer’s Program
Symptom Checker Program
My Health Check Program
Workplace Advice Program

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