Laughing not only helps improve physical and mental health, it also strengthens relationships and enhances creativity. Best of all, laughing “medicine” is free and fun to take.

Laughing has been proven to reduce stress, promote happiness, and provides other physical health benefits. Think of how you feel after watching your favourite comedy or after spending a few hours with a hilarious friend. There’s nothing like a full-belly laugh.

Learn how to inject more humour into your workplace and how it can help your employees be healthier overall.

Laughing and Health: The Big Benefits of Laughter

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Laughing has been shown to relieve tension and stress and the benefits last quite a while. In fact, a good belly laugh can relax the body for up to 45 minutes!

A few other reasons to crack jokes:

  • Gets your heart pumping
  • Burns a few calories
  • Decreases stress hormones
  • Improves immunity
  • Releases pain-reducing endorphins

Overall, laughing will make you happier and even a bit healthier if you do it often enough. Plus, it’s free and is a perfect therapy for any time of day.

Mental Benefits of Laughter
If you’re in a bad mood, laughing is one way to cure it immediately.
Whether it’s stress from too many deadlines piling up or an overbearing teammate, taking a moment to laugh it off can do wonders for the brain.
Aside from reducing stress and minimizing negative feelings like anger and anxiety, laughing can help you be more creative, too. One study found that boosting your mood through laugher can lead to successful brainstorming and creative output.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of laughing is the activation of both sides of the brain. Laughter kickstarts the limbic system — which connects the brain’s right and left sides — leading to enhanced learning opportunities.

If you need to brainstorm harder or get a bit more creative, go visit with your favourite witty colleague or watch a funny video before diving in.

Why Laughing at Work Matters

It doesn’t hurt to have a good time while also getting work done. Happier, livelier workplaces tend to be high-energy but also output excellent products and services, too. If you can make light of challenging work projects and have fun while doing it, do so!

A few reasons to have a good laugh on the clock:

  • Laughing raises energy levels and increases focus
  • Alleviates stress during high-pressure projects
  • Laughing together builds trust and stronger team relationships
  • A sense of humour encourages thinking “outside of the box”
  • Meetings that are more “fun” tend to be more effective

Studies have found that humour at work is associated with an overall better work environment. Employees tend to perform better and are more satisfied overall.
In addition, there is less reported stress and burnout. Talk about winning all around.

Add Some Laughter Your Workplace

Leadership often tends to be seen as particularly dry and business-like during employee interactions. Since leaders are regarded as more trustworthy when they have a good sense of humour, showcasing a funny side every now and then can change the office mood.
Ready to get the giggles going? Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Develop rituals – Start meetings with a joke or humorous video
  • Set up a library – Create a “humour library” with funny books, memes, etc.
  • Send a joke of the day – Forward on a daily email update with a clean joke
  • Host “silly days”- Have employees wear silly socks, hats, and glasses

A little laughter at work goes a long way in improving morale and employee satisfaction.

Since most people enjoy working in a light-hearted and supportive environment, consider ways to make your workplace a bit more fun. Because the mental benefits of laughter are huge, take a look at how you can inject humour into your workplace as part of your monthly wellness objectives.

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