EAP Assist has introduced five new technology driven digital programs free for members providing research based on-demand prompt, accessible & flexible support: A Mental Health Wellbeing Program, A Dietary, Exercise & Alcohol Program, An Anger Management & Relationships Program, A Suicide Awareness & Prevention Program & A Debt Management Program.

Mental Health Wellbeing Program

EAP Assist now facilitates a comprehensive research based online digital platform for the assessment & treatment of anxiety, stress, depression & other mental health issues to enhance emotional wellbeing – making minds happier. It is recommended that employees with mental health concerns consider using this service.

Even if you do not currently have a mental health concern you may still wish to complete the Online Assessment & courses as preventative wellness training for good mental health. We would like to see as many employees as possible participating in this service to teach them skills that may prevent future stress & improve resilience.

Dietary, Exercise & Alcohol Program

EAP Assist also now facilitates a confidential phone coaching service that provides information & support for employees to make healthy lifestyle changes, including healthy eating, being physically active & achieving & maintaining a healthy weight as well as alcohol reduction.

The service offers coaching calls with a personal health coach providing information & practical tips on topics such as healthy eating & being physically active. When people are supported by a professional health coach, they can measurably improve their health. It’s all about following a structured plan and taking small steps towards healthier behaviours.

Anger Management & Relationships Program

EAP Assist now also facilitates access for men to qualified counsellors, via phone or online, specialised in family and relationship issues, including anger management, relationship breakdown, separation & divorce, parenting, family violence & emotional well-being.

All staff managing telephone or online counselling services are qualified professional counsellors, social workers or psychologists, trained to follow a contextual counselling and problem-solving process to listen, understand you & help you find ways to feel better.

Suicide Awareness & Prevention Program

EAP Assist further facilitates access to a national 24/7 telehealth that offers professional phone and online counselling to assist with suicide-related issues.

Help is provided to anyone who is feeling suicidal, caring for someone who is feeling suicidal or anyone who has lost someone to suicide.

Debt Management Program

EAP Assist facilitates information, support & advocacy to assist people in financial difficulty provided by financial counsellors.

Financial counsellors have an extensive knowledge of a range of areas of law & policy, including consumer credit law, debt enforcement practices, the bankruptcy regime, industry hardship policies & government concession frameworks.

To access these programs go to: https://eapassist.com.au/digital/