Employees today are more selective throughout their search process and demand a more well-rounded and fulfilling approach to work and life. They are looking for companies that address their needs to stay healthy, to know their work has meaning, to learn and grow and to make a difference within the community. Research has identified the following as important to employee engagement:

Nature of the Work

  • Well-defined, clear expectations for the job
  • Autonomy and flexibility when it comes to their work
  • Cutting-edge technology at their fingertips (e.g. software, fast Internet access, and communication tools)
  • Meaningful work
  • Opportunity for career advancement


  • Highly connected to peers with opportunities to build camaraderie through collaboration, feedback and socialization
  • Opportunities to give and receive recognition


  • Opportunities for professional growth, wellbeing, and community involvement
  • Company with a sense of purpose and strong values
  • A strong employer brand—employees want to know what you stand for!


  • Strong, connected relationship with manager
  • Frequent feedback from managers to validate the meaningfulness of one’s contributions and alignment with company goals

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