Dealing with Trauma – Eap Assist Self Help Worksheet


  • Seek out support from understanding others around you.


  • Talk about the traumatic experience as often as possible.


  • Don’t be scared to express your emotions, such as crying.


  • Participate in physical activity daily, such as walking or jogging.


  • Practice relaxation techniques, including stretching exercises & yoga.


  • Try to be optimistic and to stay positive


  • Look at the funny side of things and laugh whenever possible.


  • Be aware of tight muscles and relax them, including taking a hot bath.


  • Involve yourself in creative and expressive activities, such as music and art.


  • Remember to eat normally and regularly and to maintain a balanced diet.


  • Ensure that your sleep cycle remains as consistent as possible.


  • Avoid stimulants, such as nicotine and caffeine.


  • Do not use alcohol or other drugs as a means of numbing emotions.


  • Try to do something meaningful for yourself each day.


  • Express positive emotions and behaviours towards those around you.


  • Consider doing something socially proactive, such as volunteer work.


  • Keep a journal of your trauma experience as well as after thoughts and feelings and share them with supportive others.


  • Try to learn, grow and find meaning from your experience.


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