Seven suggestions to help manage COVID fatigue:

  • Take care of the three pillars of physical wellness. These are nutrition, sleep & exercise.
  • Stay connected with friends, family & society at large. Use electronics to keep in touch only when social or physical distancing is in effect.
  • Try to preserve your routines. This will help you maintain a sense of normalcy in your life.
  • Limit your media exposure. It’s important to be educated & informed but don’t expose yourself to the news 24/7.
  • Strive to replace emotions of anger with genuine feelings of appreciation. Although difficult, this is likely to reduce fear, anxiety, stress & fatigue.
  • Engage in activities you enjoy. This could be something like art, bush walking or even spiritual pursuits. The point is to engage in something that can take you to a ‘good’ place.
  • Try yoga or meditation. These practices have been associated with reduced stress & improved well-being.

For further support contact your EAP Assist counsellor.