1. Physical activity

The best recipe for excess mental energy is increased physical activity. Whether it’s going for a run to clear your mind, dancing in your living room with your family, working on your computer while doing a wall sit, or having a push-up competition with your partner, using your body to balance out all of the input received in the brain is your sure fire road to mental health success. Also, please make your physical activity fun, you won’t do it otherwise.

2. Nutrition

Take this time to overhaul yournutrition and perform any lifestyle changes you’ve been avoiding due to “being too busy.” Your stress level is not going to be aided in developing Coronavirus-induced alcoholism or fear-eating.  Be kind to yourself and make a plan to quit smoking, start eating more nuts and seeds, stop drinking soda and drink more water. Make meal time romantic by creating new recipes with your partner or have fun teaching your kids to cook.

3. Technology

Make your technology work to your mental health advantage by creating rituals around mindfulness apps and games that challenge our brains. There are so many relaxation apps to help you fall asleep or take a guided meditation break. Besides decompressing using apps, you can also invigorate the mind by learning a new language online or playing intellectual brain games on your phone or laptop.

4. Get Creative

All those worries and thoughts are just hanging out repressed in your mind-body dying to burst out in the form of self-expression. Whether you’ve had dreams of painting and traditional artistry, or want to build, organize, or design, now is the time to fulfill all of these creative endeavours we’ve had on the backburner. Take a drawing or dance class online, redo the kitchen, let the kids rearrange their rooms.

5. Social Support

Social supportis key during times of stress. Instead of spreading the woes on Facebook, take some time to pick up the phone and video chat your long lost friends and relatives. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel. Even if you don’t feel like you need to call someone, try to be of service. You’ll feel less stressed (and you may even feel great about yourself) if you put someone else’s needs before your own and are able to be there for them.