If you have a negative attitude, you’re more likely to negatively impact everything around you. By taking active steps to cultivate positivity, you can counteract and change a negative attitude.

Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions

You alone are in control of your life and many of the negative situations and negative thoughts you harbour are influenced directly by you. By taking responsibility for your actions, you can begin to remove negativity in your life and create positivity. Negative thoughts cultivate negative actions. If you decide to have a positive attitude, you’ll cultivate positive changes.

List negative things in your life and begin to change them

Acknowledging what is negative in your life will allow you to see what you can control and change. Burn the list to symbolize letting go of negativity. List anything in your life that you consider negative. Read the list and check off what you can change. For example, you can change negative relationships with others by removing them from your life or you can change bad finances by taking steps to save money. Once you’ve thought about how to change the negative influences in your life, burn the paper to symbolize letting go and write a new list of positive things in your life.

 Let go of expectations

Negativity often begins with expectations of yourself or others. Letting go of unrealistic or negative expectations will not only help you change your attitude but will also create a positive environment. Accept that nothing is perfect. Imperfection adds character and letting go of any expectations of perfection will help you focus on the positive in any person or situation.

Forgive yourself and others

Holding grudges and dwelling on your imperfections will only emphasize a negative attitude. Being able to forgive and let go will allow you to focus on the positive in yourself and others. The act of forgiveness will remove negative attitudes and create space for positive attitudes. But it will also decrease stress and increase peace and calm in your life.

Respond to change

Negative emotions often accompany change and the best way to handle change is to respond and not react to it. Make the decision to respond positively in every situation and you’ll be able to keep negativity at bay. You can’t control all situations or people, but you can choose how you’ll respond to them. Meeting a negative situation or person with positivity will keep your attitude positive and may also result in a positive resolution to anything.

Keep moving forward

You’ll occasionally have negative thoughts, which is normal and acceptable, but learn not to dwell on them. By always moving towards the positive, you will be able to change your negative attitude.

Focus On Positive

See the positive in everything

Negative thoughts and attitudes are draining and if you give in to them, they will become stronger. Seeking out the positive in any person or situation will help shift your mindset to a positive one. Even in the worst situations, there is always something positive. It might take some time to recognize but being able to see the positive aspects in anything will help you avoid negativity.

 Make a list of everything for which you’re grateful

Being grateful will help cultivate a positive attitude. Listing all the things for which you’re thankful will help you counteract any negative thoughts that may arise. In situations where you feel negative, read the list of things you’re grateful for. This will remind you to stay positive.

Use positive words

The language you choose significantly influences your attitude and emotional outlook. Using positive words and statements throughout the day will help you stay positive and counteract negativity. Use phrases like “I am hopeful” or “we will find a resolution”. These will help you—and others around you—stay positive.

Surround yourself with positive people

Having supportive people around you who can put things in perspective is important to cultivating a positive attitude. Surrounding yourself with positive people will counteract negativity and help you change your attitude.

Help others

Simple acts of kindness and helping others can do wonders for your attitude. Not only can put things in perspective about your life, but it can distract you from problems and generally make you feel more positive.