1.Close your eyes, breathe slowly, blow away your tensions.
2. Relax the forehead, relax the eyes.
3. Relax the jaw, and let your mouth hang open, relaxing the tongue and lips.
4. Drop the shoulders, relax each arm, the elbow, the wrist, your fingers.
5. Relax the chest and rib cage, and mentally allow your midriff to sprawl.
6. Feel the state of relaxation and associate it with the word ‘calm’.
7. As dreamily as you can, check that your face and upper body aren’t tensing up. Don’t look for a problem, instead feel for how relaxed you are.
8. Relax each legs, feet, ankles, calves, knees and the thighs.
9. Clear your mind by imagining yourself in a peaceful scene, such as lying in the bottom of a still canoe on a perfectly flat pond and avoid all thought of movement.
10. Say the words “don’t think” for 10 seconds. And you should soon be asleep.