The free assessment tool, Guarding Minds at Work, has been updated to help you find out if you have a psychologically safe workplace. For more than a decade, Guarding Minds at Work has helped employers support the overall well-being of employees at work. Now, the assessment and its accompanying resources are enhanced to better reflect the challenges in today’s workplaces. Updates include:

  • Signs of workplace stress and trauma
  • Indicators of the level of inclusion at work
  • Positive survey statements to help organizations focus on solutions
  • Alignment with the International Standards Organization guidelines (ISO45003)

We’ve updated the survey to make it even easier to use. Our free tools and resources will help you implement changes recommended in your survey results. Guarding Minds at Work includes:

  • Practical, user-friendly assessment tools
  • A comprehensive report to identify areas for improvement
  • An action planning process
  • Many strategies and tools to support action
  • An evaluation process to measure progress and outcomes

Guarding Minds at Work was referred to in the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Implementing the Standard can be complex. Guarding Minds at Work makes it easier to start the journey to psychological health and safety in a practical way.

Guarding Minds at Work: