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Eap Assist

The EapAssist Helpline provides employees with immediate confidential phone counselling support throughout Australia.

Participation in the Workplace

https://youtu.be/esDSv3mnuE8Listening to a variety of opinions from your workers will not only makes them feel more invested in the business, but it will also give you a greater field of view when tackling problems and challenges.Let your employees know that their voice matters.Understand and utilise...

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Innovation in the Workplace

https://youtu.be/HofQWr009gIResearch indicates that up to 80% of business grown now comes from innovation.Be proactive and continually check the pulse of your innovation programs.Ensure there are opportunities for rapid paced ideas to emerge and be converted to new innovations through a sense of urgency. Ensure small scale...

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Workplace Nightmares

https://youtu.be/D8RNLnGIN34Do you experience repeated nightmares relating to traumatic workplace experiences?If so write this nightmare down as soon as you can.Then write a different ending to this nightmare so it no longer has a terrifying impact.Read this alternate story prior to going to bed.Continue to do...

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Insomnia in the Workplace

https://youtu.be/pUJDNxXP_YIInsomnia in the WorkplaceIf you have trouble falling asleep due to worrying about workplace issues.Don’t stay in bed tossing and turning get up and do something relaxing, such as reading.Return to bed once you feel tired enough to fall sleep.Still tossing and turning then repeat...

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Workplace Safety

https://youtu.be/VwqYaEPl3hM In Australia in 2016 195 workers were fatally injured at work with on average two thirds of worker fatalities involving a vehicle.Employers need to invest in workplace safety training and on personal protective equipment.Attention needs also to be given to any employees engaging in any...

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