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Eap Assist

The EapAssist Helpline provides employees with immediate confidential phone counselling support throughout Australia.

Time Management at Work

https://youtu.be/UP0lX335P7U Today we are going to be talking about time management at work.Never commit to more work than you can actually accomplish.Focus on the most important task first.Don’t multitask as swapping between tasks takes up time.Only promptly respond to urgent messages in your inbox.At the beginning...

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Workplace Injuries

https://youtu.be/i8Jkhvqc9Qs Today we are going to be talking about managing workplace injuries.When it comes to returning an injured employee to work employers have certain legal obligation.The employer must ensure return-to-work information is available to the employee.Provide the opportunity for ongoing employment, even in a reduced capacity...

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Boost Workplace Productivity

https://youtu.be/HJyLjz643jcToday we are going to be talking about how to boost productivity in the workplace.Set up an email protocol to reduce the amount of time spent on unnecessary emails.Reduce the number and time spent in unnecessary procedural meetings.Replace performance appraisals with focused conversation around performance.Stop...

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Workplace Arguments

https://youtu.be/7r09-MtA040 Today we are going to be talking about workplace arguments.Don’t just focus on what you’re saying but also how you’re saying it, your choice of words and expressions.Keep your cool no matter what as well as be polite.Don’t argue in public nor over email but...

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Commuting to Work

https://youtu.be/XBl8_DgekZA Today we are going to be talking about the commuting to work.In Australian currently two million workers spend an average of 90 minutes a day commuting to and from work.Also the time it takes employees to commute to work is highly correlated with how long...

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