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Eap Assist

The EapAssist Helpline provides employees with immediate confidential phone counselling support throughout Australia.

Workplace Loyalty

https://youtu.be/PAbadwaWHWgToday we are going to be talking about customer loyalty.Generally 80% of a company’s profits come from 20% of its customers.Research indicates that loyalty is not being influenced by price or duration but has much more to do with the way a business operates.Firms that...

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Managing Workplace Stress

https://youtu.be/sIb3T4oe0TM A recent study indicated that more than 50% of employers surveyed believed that their employer did not offer support to manage their workplace stress.29% of respondents felt that long working hours was the main cause of their workplace stress.66% of respondents cited poor management.And 34% believe...

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Victims of Crime Compensation

https://youtu.be/vTmILaaCS3Q Employees who sustain an injury at work as the result of a violent crime may be entitled to access state government funded Crime Compensation.Victims of such crimes in Victoria may be entitled to up to $10,000 in Special Financial Assistance.Often victims will not make a...

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Workplace Influence

https://youtu.be/c7s2zxROnqwInfluential leaders know how to get things done.They do this in a way that is highly consultative and collaborative.An effective leader knows they can’t do it alone and that they need each team member operating optimally.To achieve this all team members need to be able...

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Workplace Conflict

Employers should attempt to ‘mend fences’ as a first option before things get out of hand.Act immediately as conflicts don’t general go away by themselves.Meet with people involved in the conflict separately to get a clear understanding of the issues before you try to intervene. Focus...

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