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What is an EAP?


An EAP or Employee Assistance Program is a counselling service provided by employers to their staff to support their staffs’ emotional & psychological well-being both in the workplace & in their personal lives.


What are the Benefits of an EAP?


  1. Increased performance & productivity
  2. Reduced absenteeism, conflict & occupational stress
  3. Improved staff morale, employee retention & recruitment
  4. Reduced worker’s compensation & other costs
  5. Improve employee satisfaction
  6. Enhance employer-employee relationships


Why should an employer choose EapAssist?


When choosing an Employee Assistance Program employers look for two fundamentals: quality & cost. In respect to quality of service we provide immediate telephone counselling when it is required by experienced counsellors. In respect to costs we charge a significantly lower hourly rate than all other EAP providers, with our rate being between $40-$60 per hour & all other providers charging between $200-$300 per hour. The choice is simple!


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What is Counselling?


Counselling is an opportunity for an employee to have a confidential conversation with an experienced counsellor. It is a time to talk freely, to discuss strategies, develop skills & gain information & advice to improve well-being & life satisfaction.


Why Phone Counselling?


  1. Provided immediately when needed & when it will most beneficial.
  2. No lost time from work.
  3. No need to make & wait for appointments.
  4. Research has shown phone counselling to be very effective.
  5. Phone counselling is the preferred form of assistance by employees.


What About Confidentiality


No information regarding what is discussed within a counselling session is relayed to any other person or organisation without prior consent.


Which Plan should I choose?


An employer may choose from either of the the plans below considering their perceived needs for EAP services:


A Small Plan: 50 hours of phone counselling over 12 months at $60 p/h

A Medium Plan: 100 hours of phone counselling over 12 months at $50 p/h

A Large Plan: 250 hours of phone counselling over 12 months at $40 p/h


To purchase a Plan go to:  Purchase Request Form


Starter Plan for Small Businesses


Our Starter Plan is designed specifically for Small Businesses with few staff  &  includes 25 hours of phone counselling over 12 months at $60 p/h with all the same benefits as our other plans. Please advise us via our contact form should you wish to purchase this plan.


Emergency Plan for Criticla Incidents


Our Emergency Plan is designed  for workplaces experiencing a critical incident requiring immediate short term counselling & includes 10 hours of counselling at $100 p/h over a 60 day period. Please advise us via our contact form should you wish to purchase this plan.


How quickly can it be set up?


Chose your preferred plan, forward payment and we will then provide you with your dedicated Helpline Number which can be used immediately .


What if I exceed my plan usage?


We will advise you when your usage reaches 80% allowing you adequate time to top up your plan should you wish to do so. 


What if I don’t exceed my plan usage?


Unused hours will carry forward if the employer chooses to purchase a plan of similar or higher value immediately following the expiration of their current plan.


Billing Hours


Phone counselling is billed in 30 minute intervals & not 60 minute intervals to ensure that the maximum number of counselling hours are delivered to employees.


Are there sessional limits?


We limit the number of counselling sessions per employee to five unless otherwise advised by the employer. Once individual limits have been reached we will contact the employer with our recommendations.


What about reporting?


An employer at any time can request statistical information regarding the number of hours used & the number of individuals who have used those hours. 


What about Quality Control?


At the completion of a telephone consultation employees may be asked to rank their satisfaction with the support provided in order to ensure that valued services are being delivered. 


When can I access counselling?


The Helpline is answered by counsellors ready to provide immediate support  9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday (AEST). For counselling outside of these times please request a suitable call-back time when one of our counsellors will contact you twenty-four-hours per day seven days per week.


What about response time?


When an employee calls our Helpline it is answered by an experienced counsellor able to provide immediate support. If an employee prefers a suitable call back time this is immediately arranged.  


Where is the Helpline Phone Number?


The Helpline Phone Number can be obtained from your employer once your employer has registered for services. Unfortunately we cannot provide this number until this process has been completed.


Do we provide referrals to other support services?


If it is felt that an employee will benefit from other specialist services, such as Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation, these recommendations will be made as promptly as possible. We will always endeavour to use community based services to ensure that no costs will be incurred by the employee. See: http://eapassist.com.au/services/


Promotional Material


Employers will be provided with a brochure containing their dedicated Helpline Number as well as details explaining our services which they can make available to their employees. Promotional material can be tailored to suit individual employer’s requirements.


Confirmation of Contact


If requested employers can be informed when an employee contacts us for counselling to ensure that the individual is a current staff member.


What about family members?


An employer may choose whether or not they wish to make EAP counselling available to employee family members.


Does EapAssist provide Assistance to Employers?


Employers & Worplace Managers, like employees, are strongly encouraged to use our services to obtain advise & support on both workplace & personal issues. We also provide Manager Coaching which amongst other things examines management styles including tradintional styles of ‘telling & directing’ with more contempary ‘engaging and people focused’ styles.


What about Training & Workshops?


Eap Assist conducts various training programs. Simply contact us to discuss your training needs and we will design a suitable program. Workshops include: Dealing with Critical Incidents, Wellness in the Workplace, Depression in the Workplace, Managing Stress in the Workplace, Building Resiliance in the Workplace, Workplace Bullying & so on.


In which countries are EAP services provided?


EapAssist provides services in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada & the UK.


What is Legal Assist?


Legal Assist is a subsidary of Eap Assist and is a legal support service made available to employees of registered employers providing up to 10 hours of legal support annually (limited to a maximum of one hour per employee).


Do we provide EAP services to all employers?


EapAssist reserves the right to refuse the provision of services to employers who have been deemed to have repeatedly breached their workers’ Human Rights. 


Face to Face Counselling


For those employees requiring ongoing support following phone counselling this may be provided via a bulk billing psychologist for those suffering from depression, anxiety or stress. Psychologists are located within most Australian capital cities & their contact details may be obtained via our Helpline. A GP referral will be required. These counselling hours do not contribute to the purchased Plan.


Where do I make payment?


Payment may be made using the Purchase Request Form on the Costs Page.


Do you provide pay-as-you-go EAP counselling?


For those employers preferring a pay-as-you-go EAP Provider see: EapProgram.com.au. EapProgram allows employers to purchase the number of Employee Assistance Program consultations they need when they need them & which can then be accessed immediately 24/7 Australia wide.


Cost Comparison: How much do other Employee Assistance Program Providers charge?


In order to assist employers to make an informed choice below is a list of EAP Providers. For further cost comparison data you may also wish to see: http://eap.org.au/eap-costs/


When comparing EapAssist with other providers please note that we have no registration or management fees & counselling is capped at  $40 – $60 p/h. 



LifeWorks offer 3 Packages, Basic, Standard & Premium. Basic is an entry level package for small sized organisations and requires a $300 + GST set-up fee & then telephone or face-to-face counselling are charged between $180 to $220 per session. Standard & Premium Packages have higher costs & include a few more services.




A pay-as-you-go EAP provider with no retainer or membership fee. Employers simply choose the number of EAP counselling sessions required which range in cost from $60 to $100 per hour depending on the number of hours purchased.



AssureCare: A self-referral service which involves an annual retainer + sessional rates for services. The retainer is $10 per employee (minimum $1,000 + GST per annum). Sessional rates start at $190 + GST per session. AssureFirst: Ad-hoc support via a manager referral only, billed when the service is accessed. EAP & critical incident services billed at a rate of $300 + GST and $330 + GST per hour.



Retainer & fee for service model comprised of an annual administration fee, based on staff numbers, plus monthly invoicing for services. The fee paid in advance is $4574 (25 hours) plus a retainer & fee for service of $1525. Phone & face-to-face counselling are then billed from $185 to $260 per hour. Pricing options & services may differ depending on individual client needs.


Employee Assistance Programme Australia


Annual membership of $1100 which provides access to a database of psychologists with set fees of $85 per hour. Included in the annual membership fee are 10 hours of phone counselling with an experienced counsellor.


Eap Net


Eap.Net is an online referral service to facilitate Medicare funded counselling. The annual registration fee is $1100 which also includes 10 telephone counselling sessions per annum with an experienced counsellor. No other costs.



Eudoxia provides phone counselling as well as face to face sessions. Annual registration fee based on total employee population plus counselling fees of $185 per hour.



Phone & face-to- face counselling with other services available at additional costs. Annual registration fee is $990 plus $155 per session.


Occupational Assistance Service (OAS)

Phone & face-to- face counselling with other services available at additional costs. Annual retainer fee required plus $165 to $231 per session.



Basic EAP Contract with counselling costs from $180 to $244 per hour plus two other contract options with higher cost & service structures.


Relationships Australia

An annual EAP Contract Management Fee with a minimal charge of $660 per annum, with costs increasing according to staff numbers, number of delivery sites, complexity of processing plus $165 per session for telephone or face-to-face counselling.


Prima Careers

Phone or face-to-face counselling with costs ranging from from $210 to $310 per session.


  • Eap Assist believes the above indicative information to be correct at the time of publication & employers are recommended to contact the individual EAP providers for their current costs & charges.


EapAssist Head Office & Contact


EapAssist Head Office is located at 163 Victoria Parade East Melbourne, Victoria. Services are provided in Australia & Overseas. Employers can contact one of our mobile consultants on 0414809443 to discuss registration. This is not the Helpline & should not be used by employees. Employees should obtain their Helpline Number directly from their employer.